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Basic Package – Audio & Visual

From: 3.675,00 د.إ
Essential Audio System suitable for a DJ, Solo or Duo Performer(s). Dimension size: 75sq metres Staff: provided

Basic Plus Package – Audio & Visual

From: 6.825,00 د.إ
Essential Audio System suitable for a DJ, Solo or Duo Performer(s). With the addition of 2 x lighting stands emphasizes

Canon Foam Machine

From: 1.260,00 د.إ
Party Foam Canon. Foaming: 05 Mins (After Every 20 Mins) Total Duration: 2 Hours

Cotton Candy

From: 420,00 د.إ
One of the most loved snacks by kids and teenagers is cotton candy. Not all types of cotton candies are

Gold Package – Audio & Visual

From: 26.250,00 د.إ
Bringing your production value to the gold standard means an audio system, stage & lighting package that is suitable for

Platinum Package – Audio & Visual

From: 52.500,00 د.إ
Your event requires top production value & will want to be remembered by your guests for months and years to

Silver Package – Audio & Visual

From: 13.125,00 د.إ
Really focus on your entertainment with a premium audio system suitable for a DJ, Solo or Duo Performer(s). (With a

Slushy Machine

From: 1.050,00 د.إ
Any function held without snacks and drinks is incomplete. Snacks being the most important part of an event, EI-events are

Sound System

From: 787,00 د.إ
A comfortable seating arrangement is very important while throwing a party or any function. We are providing premium quality bean

Steel Fences

From: 105,00 د.إ
We are offering premium quality equipment for rentals in Dubai along with premium quality and on-time services.