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Chicken Dum Bucket Biryani Boneless

From: 229,00 د.إ
Chicken with yogurt, Indian spices & aromatic basmati rice. Serving up to 8 guests.

Chicken Live Shawarma Station

From: 1.575,00 د.إ
A live shawarma station is a great addition to any party or event. Having so much fun. Serves for 50

Chicken Lollipop Ambur Bucket Biryani Special

From: 292,00 د.إ
Chicken with egg, south Indian spices and aromatic basmati rice. Serving up to 8 guests.

Chicken Shawarma Live Station

From: 1.155,00 د.إ
6KG Chicken Shawarma (40 Wraps) in Saj Bread with toppings & soft drinks. The station comes with 1 chef to

Chicken Tikka Bucket Biryani Boneless

From: 271,00 د.إ
Charcoal-grilled chicken with yogurt, Indian spices and basmati rice. Serving up to 8 guests.

Classic Churro Station

From: 800,00 د.إ
The delicious churros with different dipping options of Nutella, Lotus, Strawberry Jam, Cheese with Oman Chips serve in Disposable Plates

Coffee Box

From: 273,00 د.إ
Contains 12 signature iced coffees: Iced Americano (x2), Iced Rose Latte (x2), Iced Pistachio Latte (x2), Iced Spanish Latte (x2),

Couples Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter

From: 190,00 د.إ
Serves 2-3 persons. 4 Types of Cheese (Approx. 500 g) Smoked Cheddar, Manchego, Brie, Wensleydale with Cranberry. 2 Types of

Crepes – Sweet & Savory

From: 787,00 د.إ
Nutella, Banana, Strawberry, Turkey, Mushrooms and Cheese Serving up to 25 guests.

Customized Cake

250,00 د.إ750,00 د.إ
A custom cake of any type that goes above and beyond the call of regular cake work. Based on your

Dipped Box – Box of 5

From: 114,00 د.إ
Can’t get enough of our chocolates? Get 5 chocolate dipped pops from Chocolate Collection! Type of Flavors: Choco Chocolate, Choco