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Savory Croissant Box

From: 315,00 د.إ
Contains 3 pcs each of : Halloumi Croissant, Zaatar Croissant, Plain Croissant, Meatball Croissant, Cheese Croissant, Brekkie Croissant

Seafood Platter – Ready to Eat

1.575,00 د.إ
Plater includes Cooked Lobster, Poached Tiger Prawns, Confit Prawns, Smoked Salmon, Cooked Mussels, BBQ Oysters, Cooked Blue Crab, Salmon Tartar,

Shawarma Station

From: 656,00 د.إ
Chicken Shawarma with pickles. Serving up to 25 guests.

Shrimp Masala Bucket Biryani

From: 372,00 د.إ
Prawns with basmati rice yogurt and Indian khada masala. Serving up to 8 guests.

Smoked Lamb Leg 3.5kg

From: 551,00 د.إ
3.5KG, Our lamb has a rosemary, mint and garlic crust and is delivered whole or sliced and ready to eat.

Smoked Prime Brisket

From: 1.449,00 د.إ
6KG, Our briskets are USDA choice or higher, They are hand trimmed then seasoned with our hand crafted and blended

Smoked Wagyu Brisket 6kg

From: 1.701,00 د.إ
6KG, Our Wagyu briskets are Australian, They are hand trimmed then seasoned with our hand crafted and blended spices. These

Smoked Whole Chicken

From: 94,00 د.إ
1KG, Our chicken is farm fresh never frozen and is sourced right here from the UAE! The Mattar Farm chicken

Smoked Whole Duck 2kg

From: 178,00 د.إ
2KG, There’s nothing quite like the taste of duck cooked to perfection. Our ducks are plump and full of goodness.

Smoked Whole Turkey

From: 1.057,00 د.إ
6.5KG, Our whole turkeys are made fresh to order, Our poultry are seasoned, marinated and rubbed to create our signature

Sonic Cake

483,00 د.إ
2KG serving portion. Select your preferred cake flavor in the customize section.

Sonic Cake Pops

From: 315,00 د.إ
1 portion serves 12 pieces.