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3Fils Ice Cream Box

From: 310,00 د.إ
Enjoy a tub of our new African Powerhouse Ice Cream and Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream any time of the day

3Fils Wagyu Box

From: 289,00 د.إ
Enjoy 6 juicy Premium Wagyu Patties, 6 Potato buns, Lettuce Lollo Bionda, Provolone Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Fried Onions, Maldon Sea

Acai Box

From: 273,00 د.إ
Contains: Acai + 6 toppings (Granola, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry, Pineapple)

Canape Box

From: 315,00 د.إ
Contains: Chicken Katsu Bun (8 pcs), Labneh Zaatar Tart (10 pcs), Salmon Bagel (4 pcs), Vol au vent (10 pcs),

Coffee Box

From: 273,00 د.إ
Contains 12 signature iced coffees: Iced Americano (x2), Iced Rose Latte (x2), Iced Pistachio Latte (x2), Iced Spanish Latte (x2),

Dipped Box – Box of 5

From: 114,00 د.إ
Can’t get enough of our chocolates? Get 5 chocolate dipped pops from Chocolate Collection! Type of Flavors: Choco Chocolate, Choco

Happiness Box

From: 96,00 د.إ
No Space in your freezer? Then choose 5! Pick 5 of your favorite pops from our Happiness Collection at a

Happiness Box of 10

From: 164,00 د.إ
The more the merrier! Choose 10 of your favourite pops from Happiness Collection! Type of Flavors: Mighty Mango, Very Raspberry,

Juice Box

From: 273,00 د.إ
Contains 12 signature mocktails.

Keto Box – Box of 8

From: 164,00 د.إ
Select 8 of your favorite keto flavors for the price of 6! Type of Flavors: Keto Chocolate, Keto Coffee, Keto

Macaron Ice Cream Box

From: 278,00 د.إ
Contains 24 pcs macaron icecream in 6 flavors (4 pcs of each flavor – rose, blueberry, lavender, chocolate, pistachio, mango)

Royal Box – Box of 5

From: 114,00 د.إ
Beauty that does not disappoint. Pick 5 of our mouth-watering Royal Pops from our Royal Pops Collection! 123ml each pop