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Baby Shower Set-up

From: 5.300,00 د.إ
Fresh flowers, with 6 pcs. of Helium balloons and 1 basket.

Balloon Chrome Setup

From: 2.100,00 د.إ
Hot Air Balloon with balloons garland & 1 basket.

Boho Sunday Vibes

From: 3.250,00 د.إ
Balloon Garland with golden frame stand, 1 neon light, 1 swing chair and 3 bunches of pampas

Coco Melon Themed

From: 3.500,00 د.إ
Backdrop Wall, Cake Stands, Balloon Garland.

Dreamy Set-up

From: 4.250,00 د.إ
Balloon Garland with 3 metallic and 6 clear helium balloons, 1 artificial olive tree and 2 clear plinths with dry

Gold Chrome Balloon

From: 980,00 د.إ
Hot Air Balloon with fringers & 1 basket.

Mermaid Theme

From: 9.550,00 د.إ
Balloon Garland, 3 backdrop walls, 3 wooden plinths, flower decorations, 1 floating shell, personalized sticker and 2 shimmering walls.

Neon Back Drop

From: 1.150,00 د.إ
Balloon Garland with neon text light and 1 golden stand.